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14th FAI World Championships of Artistic Events

Meet Director
Randy Connell - USA

FAI Controller
Rina Gallo - CAN

Chief Judge
Ron Miasnikov - ISR


Judges Panel
EJ: Jami Pillasch - USA

EJ: Bich Ha - FRA

Jose Miguel Garcia - CZE

Daphny Morali - ISR

 Robert Wielgoss - GER

 Gail Bradley - AUS

Bryce Wicher - USA

AE Judges.JPG

Jury President
Doris Merz - CHE

Jury Members
Gillian Rayner - FRA
Alberto Martin Paracuellos - ESP

Reserve Jury
Manuel Almeida - PRT


Electronic Scoring Operator

Ted Wagner - USA


 A Freestyle Skydiving team is composed of a performer and a videographer.

A Freeflying team is composed of two (2) performers and a videographer.

Objective: to perform and record a sequence of moves in free-fall with the highest possible merit.

​Exit Altitude: 3,960 m (13,000 ft)

​Working Time: 45 seconds for Freestyle, 42 seconds for Freefly

Compulsory Routine: consists of 4 mandatory moves that the team performs in whatever order they choose. 

Free Routine: moves and sequences are chosen by the team.

Teams complete 5 compulsory rounds and 3 Free Routine rounds. 

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