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4th FAI World Championships of
Wingsuit Flying

20th FAI World Championships of
Canopy Formation

9th FAI World Championships of
Canopy Piloting

3rd FAI World Championships of
Canopy Piloting - Freestyle

25th FAI World Championships of
Formation Skydiving

14th FAI World Championships of
Artistic Events

4th FAI World Championships of
Speed Skydiving

Rules and Regulations

The competition will be conducted under the authority granted by the FAI, according to the regulations of the ISC. All participants accept these rules and the regulations as binding by registering for the competition.

Documentation of the official rules can be found here.


Skydive Arizona adheres to the USPA Basic Safety Regulations. SIM Section 2. Minimum opening altitude is 2,500 feet/750 meters. Helmets and AADs are not required but highly recommended. 


Landing turns over 90 degrees will not be allowed during any event outside of Canopy Piloting.

Read more about Skydive Arizona's Safety Requirements.



Skydive Arizona has five identically configured DeHavilland Twin Otters which will be used for the competition.

The airplanes carry up to 23 jumpers. All have identical floater bars inside the door and videographer step and handles outside, behind the door.


Door measurements are 127 cm. high and 140 cm. wide. A floater bar the length of the door is inside the plane. 84 cm. behind the door, on the same level as the floor, is a videographer’s step. Above and behind the door are videographer handles.


Exit speed will be 85 – 90 knots

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